With music production software is now ubiquitous and available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, and/or PC, some amazing esoteric sub-sub-sub-genres and online communities have emerged that deserve attention (i.e. vaporwave, aestheic, simpsonwave, club bathroom remixes, and lo-fi anything, etc.).  As a producer, it’s all so very fascinating, especially given that my productions over the last decade have leaned in the lo-fi and appropriation directions, which is now in vogue.

While surfing the super cool site hearthis (the underground alternative to the uber commercialized and over cooked Soundcloud digital landfill), I luckily ran across lo-fi remixes of already lo-fi vintage blues recordings by a producer going by the alias of Vicksburg.Glacier.

These remixes and aesthetics resonate with me very strongly, so I’m paying it forward.

Below are a few choice examples.  You can check out the whole collection here.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Portugal