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Muted Minimal Jazz – Jakob Bro – Returnings

This is a minimal post on relatively minimal muted jazz. I’m constantly on the hunt for non-schlocky slow tempo music that contains space and distance between notes/sounds. Maybe it’s my age or maybe I’ve listened to so much music in my life my brain is reaching its “note quotient” and is moving into conservation mode for its remaining capacity.

Regardless, check out Jakob Bro – Returnings on the wonderous ECM Records label. Soothing and patient sketches of intimate jazz.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Wesley – Viana do Costelo, Portugal

Mix – Secret Thirteen – STM 268 – Bérangère Maximin

With so much readily and freely available music at our collective disposal, the role of curator/mixer/DJ is paramount to discovery and a lean back listening experience. Secret Thirteen is beyond prolific at introducing new (to me) curators, producers, composers, and sonic artists.

Check out this mix from Bérangère Maximin, who “puts us on a cinematic trip of minimal, acousmatic, and concrete pieces merged with sound poetry and ambience.”

Best regards,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Northern Portugal