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  • Pre-order the new Tulipomania album “Dreaming of Sleep”

    Dave Wesley, September 19th 2023

    Pre-order the new Tulipomania album “Dreaming of Sleep” here!

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  • New Chill Dub Techno from Racecorner on Insectorama

    Dave Wesley, November 12th 2021

    Releases like this are calling me back to my dub techno roots. Well done. Radiostation by Racecorner´╗┐

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  • Guias Sonoras – New Experimental Ambient Label

    Dave Wesley, October 26th 2020

    Hello, followers of Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda). Thank you very much for your interest and support over the years. Since 1998, this label has focused on the dub techno genre and iterations thereof, and now the label is riding off into the sunset… but the Bandcamp page will remain online at Many thanks to Gabi […]

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Latest Release

  • Tulipomania – Off the Map / On the Outside [Spinello Remix]

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