Streaming Radio

  • Rádio Baixa – Streaming Live DJ Sets From Coimbra, Portugal

    Dave Wesley, September 1st 2018

    With the current plethora of streaming radio options and new live DJ set stations popping up (and down) on the web, it can be difficult to discern in which to invest precious ear time.  It seems that Boiler Room has inspired myriad boilerplate copies of itself. In 2018, Rádio Baixa appeared on the scene, from […]

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    • Lyl Radio – Lyon and Paris, France

      Dave Wesley, November 10th 2017

      In this brave new world of a veritable plethora well-curated underground streaming radio and mixes, Lyl Radio (physical studio in Lyon, France) is an absolute stand out among the crowd (NTS, Redlight Radio, Berlin Community Radio, dublab, etc.).    And, I know a bit about streaming stations as I lovingly curate my own (Arctic Dub […]

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      • Jan Jelinek’s “Temple Of Faitiche” Radio Shows

        Dave Wesley, November 5th 2017

        Saying that I’m an obsessive fan of Jan Jelinek (and his label Faitiche) is a huge understatement.  His participation in the invention of minimal techno, within the context of his own unique experimental music context, is a huge influence on me and my approach to music production. I’ve just discovered that Jan is producing radio […]

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        • Cool Streaming Radio Stations

          Dave Wesley, July 3rd 2017

          Streaming radio has been a big part of my life since Marcos Romero turned me on to Deep Mix Moscow, at least a decade ago.  Since then, I’ve started my own underground deep dubby experimental music station (Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda)), but I rotate listening to several streaming sources throughout the week, depending on my mood and […]

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          • Podcast – Framework Radio – Sound Hunting

            Dave Wesley, June 28th 2017

            Framework Radio is a very interesting and unique podcast focused on sound hunting, field recording, phonography, etc.  They put out a new show a couple of times per month and they have over 600 shows in their archive.  This is fantastic sample food if nothing else. From their info page: framework began broadcasting in june, 2002 […]

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            • Tulipomania on ResonanceFM’s Adventures In Music And Sound

              Dave Wesley, June 25th 2017

              A melange of tracks taken from The Wire Magazine’s prolific Wire Tapper series on the latest installment of ResonanceFM’s Adventures In Music And Sound radio programme.  Tulipomania at about 1 hour and 12 minutes.  Very cool radio program.  Very cool classic track from Tulipomania.   Viva la musical revolution.  Much needed.  Dig deeper. With restless demeanor […]

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              • Streaming Radio – Filtermusic

                Dave Wesley, May 9th 2017

                While there are a gazillion online music choices in this year of our lord 2017…  not many know about  Filtermusic assembles some offbeat (and some onbeat) streaming radio options spanning genres from across the world.  Their curated selections only display currently active streams, so the site is never out of date and your clicks should […]

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                • Repost – Why is this website mixing ambient music with police scanner audio so intensely gripping?

                  Dave Wesley, April 3rd 2017

                  When I wake up in the morning and find this kind of stuff on Facebook, it literally makes my day.  This is a re-posted from FACT Mag.   “ is a site that generates strange, endless sound collages by loading ambient tracks from SoundCloud and blending them with police radio chatter from locations across the […]

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                  • Dewtone – Super Chilled Streaming Radio and Label

                    Dave Wesley, January 3rd 2017

                    Dustin Morris curates one of the great pleasures in my life…  Dewtone streaming radio.  This station is instant Valium and a connection with hyper-contemporary electronic music currents and music producers across the globe.  It’s free and easy…     Watch the flickering light…  You’re getting very sleepy…

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