Year: 2017 - Month: 06

  • Spinello Guest Mix on KMAH Radio April 2017

    Shane Woolman, June 29th 2017

    This is a mix I put together for the April installment of Healthy Living, Bambooman & Sloe Loris’s monthly show on KMAH Radio.   The brief was pretty much ‘anything goes’ and it was loads of fun to do.  Expect field & archive recordings, psychedelia, electro, poetry, dub, jazz and more… I’ve tried to mix it up […]

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    • AI Experiment – The Infinite Drum Machine

      Dom Fox,

      Let Google’s AI pick out intelligently categorized sounds for your virtual drum machine.  Sample.  Rinse. Repeat.  Wishing the library was a bit more adventurous.  No gastric accidents to be found here. Radiantly yours, Dom Fox – East Grand Forks, MN  

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      • Podcast – Framework Radio – Sound Hunting

        Dave Wesley, June 28th 2017

        Framework Radio is a very interesting and unique podcast focused on sound hunting, field recording, phonography, etc.  They put out a new show a couple of times per month and they have over 600 shows in their archive.  This is fantastic sample food if nothing else. From their info page: framework began broadcasting in june, 2002 […]

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        • Murky Dub Techno Release – Dave Wesley – Archaic Anahata Avenidas 86_7 – EPv1

          Dave Wesley, June 27th 2017

          Check out these deconstructed Porto, Portugal street scenes embedded in murky dub techno. Archaic Anahata Avenidas 86_7 – EPv1 by Dave Wesley

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          • Tulipomania on ResonanceFM’s Adventures In Music And Sound

            Dave Wesley, June 25th 2017

            A melange of tracks taken from The Wire Magazine’s prolific Wire Tapper series on the latest installment of ResonanceFM’s Adventures In Music And Sound radio programme.  Tulipomania at about 1 hour and 12 minutes.  Very cool radio program.  Very cool classic track from Tulipomania.   Viva la musical revolution.  Much needed.  Dig deeper. With restless demeanor […]

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            • Release – Steve Earle & The Dukes – So You Wannabe an Outlaw

              Wesley Mayhem, June 22nd 2017

              This album is the real deal.  Instant classic. Growing up in Etter, Minnesota, in the 70s, in the middle of nowhere…  in a house in the middle of a field (which was perfect for UFO landings)…  with a father that cranked outlaw country music on a kick ass quadraphonic hi-fi… even for a rocker like me, […]

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              • Release – Different Circles 005 – Various Artists: Weightless Volume 2

                Dave Wesley, June 21st 2017

                This experimental grimy release is like gentle rain to my ears after the dull programmed sonic assaults of off-Sonar events (Barcelona) and Primavera Sound (Porto) in these last weeks.  I promise myself to be more careful about how I spend my sonic time from now on!  Tick tock. Hear my post-festival sonic salvation at Hardwax: […]

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                • Repost – Disinformation – The Rendlesham Forest UFO and A Flock Of Seagulls

                  Dom Fox, June 10th 2017

                  This tickles my fancy.   Check out this post on Disinformation.  Only an advanced extraterrestrial civilization could have inspired that hair and that 15 year-old guitar player…  fused with a legendary rock and roll sibling feud. Enjoy. Dom Fox – Fargo, ND  

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                  • Poppy Ackroyd – The Birds

                    Adas Butler, June 6th 2017

                    The Birds by Poppy Ackroyd Poppy Ackroyd: ““The songs were recorded just outside of Brighton at Retreat Studios, close to the sea on the edge of the village, surrounded by hills, fields and wildlife. As if by magic, it began to rain just before I began to record the track ‘Rain’, and ended shortly after […]

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                    • Repost – Steve Kilbey Talks New Kilbey Kennedy Album Glow and Fade, The Church and More

                      Wesley Mayhem,

                      This is a cool interview with Steve Kilbey on the Smells Like Infinite Sadness blog.   If you know me, you know that I’m a major fan of The Church.  I hadn’t heard of Steve’s side project Kilbey Kennedy.   When I searched Spotify, I discovered a ton of Kilbey Kennedy music, which I’ve quickly playlisted […]

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