Year: 2016 - Month: 10

  • Tesla Coil – Continuous Discovery Journals 2

    Wesley Mayhem, October 31st 2016

    A free (or name your own price) dark minimal drone download from Tesla Tapes.  Perfect soundtrack to Halloween semi-rebellious attitudes…  

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    • Tape-Echo Mix – Lily

      Dave Wesley,

      Really fresh short mix.  Trippy.  Just how we like them.  

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      • Tulipomania Music Video at 30th Leeds International Film Festival

        Dave Wesley, October 11th 2016

        Tulipomania’s recent cool as hell stop motion animation music video for “Shooting Off The Set” to be showcased at the 30th Leeds International Film Festival, Wed 9th Nov, 2016, 18:00 @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds, UK. Check it out:  Drop by if you are in the area. “Shooting Off The Set” is off Tulipomania’s most recent […]

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