• Repost – Basic Channel – Resident Advisor Label of the Month

    Dave Wesley, January 9th 2019

    Yeah.  This great article with interviews deserves re-posting.  Gods among men. Enough said. Kind regards, Dave Wesley – From somewhere in Portugal  

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    • The Cult of Aphex Twin – John Doran’s Piece on BBC Radio 4

      Dave Wesley, July 5th 2018

      This is a cool and fun piece on The Cult of Aphex Twin produced by The Quietus editor, John Doran.  Simple as that. Stream here: Best, DMW  

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      • Repost – Wire Mix: Lucrecia Dalt

        Dave Wesley, August 24th 2017

        Leftfield and informative mix by Lucrecia Dalt for The Wire magazine.

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        • Repost – isolatedmix 71 – Anton Kubikov : Ambient Landcast

          Dave Wesley, July 18th 2017

          A Strangely Isolated Place is a stalwart web outpost, blog, and label of ambient and ambient techno curation with some quietly giant artists on the roster.  This mix, by Anton Kubikov (of SCSI-9 techno fame), on the heels of his devil-deal sell out to Kompakt Records (humor), is a fantastic educational rabbit hole of experimental ambient […]

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          • Repost – Disinformation – The Rendlesham Forest UFO and A Flock Of Seagulls

            Dom Fox, June 10th 2017

            This tickles my fancy.   Check out this post on Disinformation.  Only an advanced extraterrestrial civilization could have inspired that hair and that 15 year-old guitar player…  fused with a legendary rock and roll sibling feud. Enjoy. Dom Fox – Fargo, ND  

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            • Repost – Steve Kilbey Talks New Kilbey Kennedy Album Glow and Fade, The Church and More

              Wesley Mayhem, June 6th 2017

              This is a cool interview with Steve Kilbey on the Smells Like Infinite Sadness blog.   If you know me, you know that I’m a major fan of The Church.  I hadn’t heard of Steve’s side project Kilbey Kennedy.   When I searched Spotify, I discovered a ton of Kilbey Kennedy music, which I’ve quickly playlisted […]

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                Gabi Von Dub, May 19th 2017

                Please check out this interview with the enlightened McLaughlin guitar man. Overall, an insightful trip to the heart of John himself, from the times of the mind bending  act Mahavishnu Orchestra, to the relation with Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, the lessons of a lifetime and how discipline is crucial for a successful and standing up right […]

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                • Repost – Genesis P. Orridge on Intersectionality in Art

                  Gabi Von Dub, May 7th 2017

                  Everyday we open our eyes, and with it, a myriad of opportunities are given, to aknowledge the inner and outer world, and specially, to do something about those. Here, Genesis P. Orridge, nailing it as usual in this great interview for Hyperallergic. Gabi von Dub, May 7, 2017

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                  • Repost – A History of Alternative Music Brilliantly Mapped Out on a Transistor Radio Circuit Board

                    Wesley Mayhem, May 5th 2017

                    This cool piece re-posted from the magnanimous…  See where you’ve been to tell where you are going.  Shit like that.  Forever yours, Wesley Mayhem – Etter, Minnesota

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                    • Re-Post – Jan Jelinek: Sampling matters

                      Dave Wesley, March 21st 2017

                      Oli Warwick’s timely and salient Resident Advisor piece on Jan Jelinek  fascinates and brightens my week.   Jan Jelinek’s (now classic) groundbreaking sample/cut/copy/paste/glitch production is a huge influence and inspiration to my own music production and listening palette.  

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