Year: 2017 - Month: 11

  • Music Discovery Inspired by Author Nicholson Baker

    Dave Wesley, November 30th 2017

    I had the pleasure of reading Nicholson Baker’s latest novel, “Traveling Sprinkler”, which is a fantastic book.  He is one of my favorite contemporary writers.  In this book, the main character is a music loving poet who identifies and describes some if his treasured classical music, which inspired me to discover those same references…  all […]

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    • Preston Field Audio – PFA

      Adas Butler, November 10th 2017

      Esoteric field recordings from the North of England. This one a soundtrack to a town. Dive in: “Following 2016’s Rhythm Tree Fell [concrete tapes], PFA sees Carl Brown redeploy for another full length offering, illustrating 4 scenes in 4 corners of Preston, Lancashire. The release is indebted to a sense of care, illustrated by the […]

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      • Lyl Radio – Lyon and Paris, France

        Dave Wesley,

        In this brave new world of a veritable plethora well-curated underground streaming radio and mixes, Lyl Radio (physical studio in Lyon, France) is an absolute stand out among the crowd (NTS, Redlight Radio, Berlin Community Radio, dublab, etc.).    And, I know a bit about streaming stations as I lovingly curate my own (Arctic Dub […]

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        • Tulipomania’s Animated Video for “Who Let You Know?” In Several Film Festivals

          Dave Wesley, November 9th 2017

          Tulipomania’s fantastic animated music video “Who Let You Know?” is  included in several international film festivals in November and December of 2017.  Details below. Tulipomania – Who Let You Know? from tulipomania on Vimeo.   ŻubrOFFka  – December 6-10  2017 / Białystok,  Poland Official Selection 2017  Competition: Music Video Tulipomania: Who Let You Know?  Radiohead: I […]

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          • Jan Jelinek’s “Temple Of Faitiche” Radio Shows

            Dave Wesley, November 5th 2017

            Saying that I’m an obsessive fan of Jan Jelinek (and his label Faitiche) is a huge understatement.  His participation in the invention of minimal techno, within the context of his own unique experimental music context, is a huge influence on me and my approach to music production. I’ve just discovered that Jan is producing radio […]

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            • modyfier – Dan Sherman – Process Part 402 (Visionaries Of The Night)

              Dave Wesley, November 2nd 2017

              Modyfier is an Artist’s platform: it’s an idea acting as energy, it’s an experiment in accrual (as a collection), it’s an attitude that rides creativity and freedom. The Process Series relies on referral as people who participate each suggest someone else, creating its form, shifting in directions I would not be able to steer alone. […]

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