Year: 2017 - Month: 01

  • Silent Season – Faru – Through Darkness Comes Light

    Dave Wesley, January 29th 2017

    Brooding ambient release from the monumental Silent Season label…  and Berlin-based artist, “Faru”.  The sentiment of the release title embodies the character description of Sursumcorda between founding collaborators.  Silent Season’s well is deep…  I recommend sending the bucket down for a dip. Through Darkness Comes Light by Faru

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    • ECM Label “As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls” Sessions… in Lego

      Wesley Mayhem, January 28th 2017

      Just because…   ECM seems to have fans within the LEGO community! #ecm #ecmrecords #lego #legominifigures #legocreator #legostagram #patmetheny #patmethenygroup #lylemays #nanavasconcelos #janerikkongshaug #manfredeicher A photo posted by ECM Records (@ecm_records) on Jan 27, 2017 at 4:35am PST

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      • Vaporwave? New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies

        Dave Wesley, January 27th 2017

        Although “vaporwave” is not listed in suggested genres for this reissued release, by an alias of Brian Grainger, on the Milieu Label, it’s definitely going to be tagged as such in my collection.  Really amazing music.  If you like Boards of Canada, Tycho, and/or the vaporwave genre, this may be for you.   PS:  Don’t […]

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        • C​:​/​NN​/​1

          Dom Fox, January 26th 2017

          Chill and interesting music from C​:​/​NN​/​1 who is “An implausible particle and genuine actual human person. Making unpopular music for unpopular people since 2001.”  Their artist alias and Bandcamp tagline make this worth a click and the music is worth the time. C:/NN/1 by Negative Neutron

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          • Weird and Kind of Cool – Coffitivity

            Dom Fox, January 25th 2017

            Coffitivity is a web destination that has options for streaming cafe and coffee shop noises as ambient aural background for solo freelancers, etc.   I am hoping their ambient environment options expand to include more inane environments as opium den or congressional hearings. Yours truly, Dom 

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            • Nonkeen – Saddest Continent On Earth

              Dave Wesley, January 24th 2017

              FB posted by very interesting and prolific musician (hammer dulcimer) and music curator, Joel Hanson, who is moving back to USA from Morocco (big move).  Nonkeen is ostensibly (don’t you hate that word) a Nils Frahm side project and extremely good and extremely chill.  So take the pill. PS:  Joel, when are you going to […]

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              • Mix – Silk Saw – Secret Thirteen Mix 206

                Dom Fox, January 7th 2017

                This is a crazy experimental dark mix with electronics and improv.  Wonderful stuff. Don’t listen if you can’t handle scary cinema. Also, long live Mixcloud.

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                • Premier – Tulipomania – Shooting Off The Set Video at London Short Film Festival

                  Dave Wesley, January 4th 2017

                  Premiering Wednesday, January 11th, 2017, at 7pm, at the Moth Club in London TULIPOMANIA: SHOOTING OFF THE SET Cheryl Gelover and Tom Murray 4 mins Animated by the musicians of Tulipomania, Shooting Off the Set blends gilded objects with frame-by-frame animated lights as choruses of jittery hand-cast heads lip-sync the lyrics in a frenetic tumble of […]

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                  • Dewtone – Super Chilled Streaming Radio and Label

                    Dave Wesley, January 3rd 2017

                    Dustin Morris curates one of the great pleasures in my life…  Dewtone streaming radio.  This station is instant Valium and a connection with hyper-contemporary electronic music currents and music producers across the globe.  It’s free and easy…     Watch the flickering light…  You’re getting very sleepy…

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