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New Musique Concrete – BOTHBOTH by Stuart Chalmers and see monsd

For those of you that follow my music production, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of experimental use of spoken word and low fidelity music collage.

This release (by prolific experimental music artist Stuart Chalmers) is a perfect fit for my esoteric tastes.

I hope you also enjoy it.

Kind regards,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere in northern Portugal

Library Music by Marcus Fjellström

This concept album from the late Marcus Fjellström honors “classic old music libraries used for TV and low budget movie productions in the 1960’s and 1970’s”.

It’s unusual and refreshing, which is ironic given it’s dusty vintage tone.

Definitely a lean back experience – where imaginary educational visuals dance across the visual cortex.

Warm regards,

Dave Wesley – Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Lo-fi Ambient Music From Thomas Fehlmann

The prolific and steadily relevant Thomas Fehlmann treads into ambient lo-fi territory with this very cool soundtrack release.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere is northern Portugal.

The Overload SubReddit – Left-field and Lo-fi House and Techno

I’ve been really getting into Reddit lately as an alternative to the usual suspect social media outlets.  One of my favorite subreddits is The Overload, which describes itself as:

“A sub for unconventional club music. Ebm, noise, house, lo-fi music, techno, hardware jams, acid, chicago house, detroit techno Labels like L.I.E.S, Hessle Audio, Raster Noton, Token, Cititrax, Downwards, Ilian Tape, Detund, Crème Organization, Opal Tapes, Clone, Dance Mania, Lobster Theremin, Minimal Wave, Pinkman, The Trilogy Tapes, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Murder Capital, Perc Trax, Construct Re-Form, Mathematics, Mannequin, Killekill, Crimes of the Future, brokntoys, Tabernacle Records…”

I created a post which asked for recommendations for artists/labels similar to Huerco S (one of my favorite producers) and received a ton of wonderful responses from the community.  I assembled the below Spotify playlist based on those recommendations.

It’s a deep rabbit hole.  Bring your miner’s helmet.

Yours truly,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Northern Portugal

Vicksburg.Glacier – Remixed Lo-fi Vintage Blues

With music production software is now ubiquitous and available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, and/or PC, some amazing esoteric sub-sub-sub-genres and online communities have emerged that deserve attention (i.e. vaporwave, aestheic, simpsonwave, club bathroom remixes, and lo-fi anything, etc.).  As a producer, it’s all so very fascinating, especially given that my productions over the last decade have leaned in the lo-fi and appropriation directions, which is now in vogue.

While surfing the super cool site hearthis (the underground alternative to the uber commercialized and over cooked Soundcloud digital landfill), I luckily ran across lo-fi remixes of already lo-fi vintage blues recordings by a producer going by the alias of Vicksburg.Glacier.

These remixes and aesthetics resonate with me very strongly, so I’m paying it forward.

Below are a few choice examples.  You can check out the whole collection here.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Portugal