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Vicksburg.Glacier – Remixed Lo-fi Vintage Blues

With music production software is now ubiquitous and available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, and/or PC, some amazing esoteric sub-sub-sub-genres and online communities have emerged that deserve attention (i.e. vaporwave, aestheic, simpsonwave, club bathroom remixes, and lo-fi anything, etc.).  As a producer, it’s all so very fascinating, especially given that my productions over the last decade have leaned in the lo-fi and appropriation directions, which is now in vogue.

While surfing the super cool site hearthis (the underground alternative to the uber commercialized and over cooked Soundcloud digital landfill), I luckily ran across lo-fi remixes of already lo-fi vintage blues recordings by a producer going by the alias of Vicksburg.Glacier.

These remixes and aesthetics resonate with me very strongly, so I’m paying it forward.

Below are a few choice examples.  You can check out the whole collection here.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Portugal

Rádio Baixa – Streaming Live DJ Sets From Coimbra, Portugal

With the current plethora of streaming radio options and new live DJ set stations popping up (and down) on the web, it can be difficult to discern in which to invest precious ear time.  It seems that Boiler Room has inspired myriad boilerplate copies of itself.

In 2018, Rádio Baixa appeared on the scene, from Coimbra, Portugal (one of the oldest university cities in Europe), with its own space and prolific and fresh programming of live DJ sets from Coimbra locals and Portugal nationals.  The artistic and technical quality is optimal.

Rádio Baixa is a truly alternative bending of the aforementioned boilerplate.  As an example, check out the unique melancholic and educated genre melange of Joana Oliveira’s frequent Heartcore sets (click play below).

Best regards,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere In Portugal