• Mix – Secret Thirteen – STM 268 – Bérangère Maximin

    Dave Wesley, October 10th 2018

    With so much readily and freely available music at our collective disposal, the role of curator/mixer/DJ is paramount to discovery and a lean back listening experience.  Secret Thirteen is beyond prolific at introducing new (to me) curators, producers, composers, and sonic artists.   Check out this mix from Bérangère Maximin, who “puts us on a cinematic trip […]

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    • Turn Your Weird Up With 3 Recent Mixes By Dave Wesley

      Dave Wesley, April 17th 2018

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      • Ambient (True) Dub Mix – Secret Thirteen – Jay Glass Dubs

        Dave Wesley, March 5th 2018

        The genre “ambient dub” has been co-opted by those pesky dub techno fans (like me)…  but this mix stems from true roots dub and ambient music.  Like all Secret Thirteen mixes, it’s interesting and engaging beyond most. Highly recommended. May the gods not smite you, Dave Wesley – Portugal

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        • Mix – Secret Thirteen – STM 242 – Object Collection

          Dave Wesley, January 4th 2018

          Travis Just of experimental opera group Object Collection records a mix exploring impulsive creativity and the human voice in all its unfettered variations. This is truly a wonderfully weird and experimental mix.  Listen and you won’t be bored (unless you are head dead). Best regards, David M. Wesley – Porto, Portugal

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          • modyfier – Dan Sherman – Process Part 402 (Visionaries Of The Night)

            Dave Wesley, November 2nd 2017

            Modyfier is an Artist’s platform: it’s an idea acting as energy, it’s an experiment in accrual (as a collection), it’s an attitude that rides creativity and freedom. The Process Series relies on referral as people who participate each suggest someone else, creating its form, shifting in directions I would not be able to steer alone. […]

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            • Repost – Wire Mix: Lucrecia Dalt

              Dave Wesley, August 24th 2017

              Leftfield and informative mix by Lucrecia Dalt for The Wire magazine.

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              • Arctic Dub Live Mix – Dave Wesley – Tuesday Nights Are Weird No. 2

                Dave Wesley, August 16th 2017

                Dave Wesley’s ambient and experimental selections mixed live into a moody dub techno set on a Tuesday night from Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) Labs.

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                • Repost – isolatedmix 71 – Anton Kubikov : Ambient Landcast

                  Dave Wesley, July 18th 2017

                  A Strangely Isolated Place is a stalwart web outpost, blog, and label of ambient and ambient techno curation with some quietly giant artists on the roster.  This mix, by Anton Kubikov (of SCSI-9 techno fame), on the heels of his devil-deal sell out to Kompakt Records (humor), is a fantastic educational rabbit hole of experimental ambient […]

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                  • The Push – Live Set – Chilling at Pandora – Porto, Portugal 20170708

                    Dave Wesley, July 15th 2017

                    The Push lay down a live deep mix with Dave Wesley guiding the first half and Casey Borchert piloting the second. This mix is a nice blend of dubby lo-fi techno, experimental sounds, and downtempo unique tracks with a tribal flavor. Dig deeper at the Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) Bandcamp fountainhead.  

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                    • Spinello Guest Mix on KMAH Radio April 2017

                      Shane Woolman, June 29th 2017

                      This is a mix I put together for the April installment of Healthy Living, Bambooman & Sloe Loris’s monthly show on KMAH Radio.   The brief was pretty much ‘anything goes’ and it was loads of fun to do.  Expect field & archive recordings, psychedelia, electro, poetry, dub, jazz and more… I’ve tried to mix it up […]

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