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Laurie Anderson – Sharkey’s Night

Imagine blinding snirt (snow and dirt) storms on a flat North Dakota college campus in the early 1980s. This Laurie Anderson track was a ray of sunshine that cut through that cultural snirt and inspired a lifetime of sonic curiosity and exploration.

Realize that Bill Laswell produced this mashup of William S. Burroughs monotone with Laurie Anderson vocals/aesthetics.

Put Night Flight on mute and play this on heavy repeat…  and include in your eclectic mixtapes.

Dom Fox – Etter, MN and

The Overload SubReddit – Left-field and Lo-fi House and Techno

I’ve been really getting into Reddit lately as an alternative to the usual suspect social media outlets.  One of my favorite subreddits is The Overload, which describes itself as:

“A sub for unconventional club music. Ebm, noise, house, lo-fi music, techno, hardware jams, acid, chicago house, detroit techno Labels like L.I.E.S, Hessle Audio, Raster Noton, Token, Cititrax, Downwards, Ilian Tape, Detund, Crème Organization, Opal Tapes, Clone, Dance Mania, Lobster Theremin, Minimal Wave, Pinkman, The Trilogy Tapes, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Murder Capital, Perc Trax, Construct Re-Form, Mathematics, Mannequin, Killekill, Crimes of the Future, brokntoys, Tabernacle Records…”

I created a post which asked for recommendations for artists/labels similar to Huerco S (one of my favorite producers) and received a ton of wonderful responses from the community.  I assembled the below Spotify playlist based on those recommendations.

It’s a deep rabbit hole.  Bring your miner’s helmet.

Yours truly,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Northern Portugal

Mix – Secret Thirteen – STM 268 – Bérangère Maximin

With so much readily and freely available music at our collective disposal, the role of curator/mixer/DJ is paramount to discovery and a lean back listening experience. Secret Thirteen is beyond prolific at introducing new (to me) curators, producers, composers, and sonic artists.

Check out this mix from Bérangère Maximin, who “puts us on a cinematic trip of minimal, acousmatic, and concrete pieces merged with sound poetry and ambience.”

Best regards,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Northern Portugal