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I Wish That I Went to High School With John Maus

I really wish that I went to high school with John Maus. Instead, I went to a small town school chock full of rural jocks and burnouts who revered Gary Richrath’s “Flying Turkey Trot” as the epitome of music culture.

If only John Maus lived in Etter, MN, near me, in high school.  We could have made vaporwave artifacts from a future revolution on my Fostex 4-track.

And, this guy claims he had never heard of Ian Curtis.  Uh huh.

Regardless…  Wonderful stuff.



Laurie Anderson – Sharkey’s Night

Imagine blinding snirt (snow and dirt) storms on a flat North Dakota college campus in the early 1980s. This Laurie Anderson track was a ray of sunshine that cut through that cultural snirt and inspired a lifetime of sonic curiosity and exploration.

Realize that Bill Laswell produced this mashup of William S. Burroughs monotone with Laurie Anderson vocals/aesthetics.

Put Night Flight on mute and play this on heavy repeat…  and include in your eclectic mixtapes.

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