• Pre-order the new Tulipomania album “Dreaming of Sleep”

    Dave Wesley, September 19th 2023

    Pre-order the new Tulipomania album “Dreaming of Sleep” here!

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    • Entrancing Dronal Modular – XVARR – Echoes of Time

      Dave Wesley, November 24th 2019

      XVARR – Echoes of Time by XVARR I love record stores for discovering music. Not-so-much in the mode of rifling through stacks and dropping needles. But, for witnessing the shopkeepers’ currently spinning selection. I’ve stumbled onto so many rubies in this way. Over the years. As was discovered the mysterious and entrancing XVARR – Echoes […]

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      • Haunting Gothic Rock From Istanbul – Rain To Rust – Flowers Of Doubt

        Wesley Mayhem, October 31st 2019

        I was lucky enough to receive this promo in my email inbox on a dark and gray Autumn morning. This is the type of expertly crafted gothic rock that gives inclement weather and depression an attractive patina. According to a fan review on Bandcamp “Mert Yıldız, who plays almost everything here, attains an enviable tone […]

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        • New Musique Concrete – BOTHBOTH by Stuart Chalmers and see monsd

          Dave Wesley, September 25th 2019

          For those of you that follow my music production, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of experimental use of spoken word and low fidelity music collage. This release (by prolific experimental music artist Stuart Chalmers) is a perfect fit for my esoteric tastes. I hope you also enjoy it. BOTHBOTH by Stuart Chalmers See […]

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          • Library Music by Marcus Fjellström

            Dave Wesley, August 15th 2019

            This concept album from the late Marcus Fjellström honors “classic old music libraries used for TV and low budget movie productions in the 1960’s and 1970’s”. It’s unusual and refreshing, which is ironic given it’s dusty vintage tone. Definitely a lean back experience – where imaginary educational visuals dance across the visual cortex. Library Music […]

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            • Muted Minimal Jazz – Jakob Bro – Returnings

              Dave Wesley, July 8th 2019

              This is a minimal post on relatively minimal muted jazz. I’m constantly on the hunt for non-schlocky slow tempo music that contains space and distance between notes/sounds. Maybe it’s my age or maybe I’ve listened to so much music in my life my brain is reaching its “note quotient” and is moving into conservation mode […]

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              • Tulipomania Remix of Figure Walking’s “Blue World”

                Dave Wesley, June 13th 2019

                Check out this remix as a Magnet exclusive download courtesy of Philly band Tulipomania and producer/engineer Richard Hartline. Tulipomania’s Tom Murray has recently been wading into the remix waters to great effect.

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                • Sonoscopia – Disposofónicos

                  Dave Wesley, May 24th 2019

                  Sonoscopia, along with the Crónica label, form a long-standing epicenter of experimental music in Porto, Portugal, which is quickly being overrun by tourism, gentrification, and high rent – with all of the accompanying devastating artistic and cultural side effects. Sonoscopia’s recent beautifully designed box set (and pay what you want digital download) is the culmination […]

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                  • Glenn Gould Gathering

                    Dave Wesley, April 9th 2019

                    Spotify’s recent recommendation for me to dig this new compilation of combined classical and experimental electronic mavericks is “spot” on.  (Sorry for that.) As my ears age, my listening tastes gravitate toward more minimal classical and solo instruments, along with experimental ambient and electronic music.  So, this release is a perfect storm for me. It’s […]

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                    • Lo-fi Ambient Music From Thomas Fehlmann

                      Dave Wesley, January 1st 2019

                      The prolific and steadily relevant Thomas Fehlmann treads into ambient lo-fi territory with this very cool soundtrack release. Sincerely yours, Dave Wesley – Somewhere is northern Portugal.   1929 – Das Jahr Babylon by Thomas Fehlmann

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