• Glenn Gould Gathering

    Dave Wesley, April 9th 2019

    Spotify’s recent recommendation for me to dig this new compilation of combined classical and experimental electronic mavericks is “spot” on.  (Sorry for that.) As my ears age, my listening tastes gravitate toward more minimal classical and solo instruments, along with experimental ambient and electronic music.  So, this release is a perfect storm for me. It’s […]

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    • Lo-fi Ambient Music From Thomas Fehlmann

      Dave Wesley, January 1st 2019

      The prolific and steadily relevant Thomas Fehlmann treads into ambient lo-fi territory with this very cool soundtrack release. Sincerely yours, Dave Wesley – Somewhere is northern Portugal.   1929 – Das Jahr Babylon by Thomas Fehlmann

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      • La Monte Young Marian Zazeela – The Black Album (1969)

        Dave Wesley, December 12th 2018

        Drone and lo-fi well before they were a thing. Best regards, Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Northern Portugal

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        • Vicksburg.Glacier – Remixed Lo-fi Vintage Blues

          Dave Wesley, September 17th 2018

          With music production software is now ubiquitous and available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, and/or PC, some amazing esoteric sub-sub-sub-genres and online communities have emerged that deserve attention (i.e. vaporwave, aestheic, simpsonwave, club bathroom remixes, and lo-fi anything, etc.).  As a producer, it’s all so very fascinating, especially given that my productions over the last […]

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          • Jon Hassell – Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One)

            Dave Wesley, June 19th 2018

            Jon Hassell is back with a contemporary sound design take on his signature “vertical listening” experience. This release puts me firmly in some dark Tokyo nightlife realm.  Highly recommended.   Best regards, Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Portugal

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            • Low – Quorum / Dancing and Blood / Fly

              Dave Wesley, June 12th 2018

              One word:  MASTERPIECE. This extended play release is bona fide – class A – numero uno – amazing. I’m very proud to say that I was born in the same state (Minnesota) from which this band hails. Low is known for inventing slowcore (whether true or not)…  and has evolved over the years to produce […]

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              • Classical Melancholy

                Dave Wesley, June 5th 2018

                Classical music compilations can be hit or miss.  This one hits the right marks.  It’s not any more complicated than that. Best regards, Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Portugal

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                • The Comsat Angels – Land

                  Dave Wesley, May 22nd 2018

                  This is a hard-to-find classic release by a relatively unknown band from the 1980s.  The Comsat Angels undoubtedly had a ton of influence on 80s new wave sonics and mood. I treasured a friend-made cassette dub of this album for years and years…  until it literally wore out.   CDs of this release are available for […]

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                  • Twilight As Played By The Twilight Singers

                    Dave Wesley, May 14th 2018

                    This truly unique record has been a steady presence in my life since its release, in 2000.  It’s an odd mix of dark soul, drum machines (programmed by Fila Brazillia), found sound, and electric guitars. The contrast of Greg Dulli’s tortured voice with Shawn Smith’s sweet melodies just works.  Check out this descriptively accurate review […]

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                    • Arctic Dub (Our Sister Label) Limited Edition Vinyl Releases

                      Dave Wesley, May 2nd 2018

                      Our sister record label, Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) is now offering four limited vinyl releases.  All four are Limited Edition 12″ 180 Gram Vinyl (with a limit of 50 total numbered copies available of each). Dave Wesley – Tetrahedron 75_9 EPv1…/tetrahedron-75-9-epv1 Dave Wesley – Anja Cerração Ligeira EPv1…/anja-cerra-o-ligeira… The Mayhem Lecture Series – Structures and Behaviors […]

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