Year: 2016 - Month: 09

  • The Prolific Tamás Olejnik

    Dave Wesley, September 22nd 2016

    Electronic (and organic) music producers like Tamás Olejnik (from Hungary) make me jealous and make me wonder what I’m doing with all of my time.  He has several aliases including Dublicator, Organit, and Atendex.  His work spans dub techno, organic techno, and ambient/drone.  His music is super cool and his production is consistent high quality.  He also […]

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    • Henke’s Deep Web

      Dave Wesley, September 21st 2016

      Robert Henke is a true alt music hero.  Co-inventor of Ableton Live, music producer (Monolake, etc.), and multimedia installation and performance artist.  I attended a super cool small experimental performance in an old church (Viseu, Portugal) recently and it was amazing. Now he’s doing this:

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      • Posh Isolation

        Dave Wesley, September 19th 2016

        Posh Isolation is a great experimental, drone, punk label from Croatia.  Releases range from pretty hardcore experimental punk to interesting experimental ambient/drone.

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        • e c h o s p a c e

          Dave Wesley, September 16th 2016

          e c h o s p a c e – is one of the coolest labels on the planet…  still pumping out releases and reissues. I had the good fortune to play a show with Steve Hitchell at the 7th Street Entry, in Minneapolis, several years ago.  

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          • Vaporwave and Dream Catalogue

            Dave Wesley, September 15th 2016

            Are you hip to the vaporwave genre?  If you like BladeRunner and 80s ambient/experimental music…  maybe even Stranger Things soundtrack stuff, you may into Dream Catalogue’s deep collection of vaporwave releases. I’m hooked and it has become routine office/studio ambience in Sursumcorda Recordings’ Porto location.  

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