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  • Amoeba Music – What’s In My Bag Series

    Dave Wesley, July 24th 2018

    Amoeba Music is one of the world’s coolest independent record stores, based in California.  They’ve been posting their “What’s In My Bag” YouTube series for many years now, which Amoeba describes as “Our award-winning series featuring artists and tastemakers sharing what they found shopping at Amoeba.” It’s educational and entertaining.  And, thanks to “What’s In […]

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    • modyfier – Dan Sherman – Process Part 402 (Visionaries Of The Night)

      Dave Wesley, November 2nd 2017

      Modyfier is an Artist’s platform: it’s an idea acting as energy, it’s an experiment in accrual (as a collection), it’s an attitude that rides creativity and freedom. The Process Series relies on referral as people who participate each suggest someone else, creating its form, shifting in directions I would not be able to steer alone. […]

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      • AI Experiment – The Infinite Drum Machine

        Dom Fox, June 29th 2017

        Let Google’s AI pick out intelligently categorized sounds for your virtual drum machine.  Sample.  Rinse. Repeat.  Wishing the library was a bit more adventurous.  No gastric accidents to be found here. Radiantly yours, Dom Fox – East Grand Forks, MN  

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        • Web Destination – myNoise

          Dave Wesley, May 23rd 2017

          As you probably have discovered, the net is littered with interesting ambient noise, productivity, and curio shops of aural horrors.  While sites like focus@will and Coffitivity purport to tweak attention productivity, others bring novelty and nerd ambiance into our physical and/or head spaces.  Check Star Trek TNG Ambient Engine Noise (Idling for 24 hrs) on YouTube. […]

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          • Streaming Radio – Filtermusic

            Dave Wesley, May 9th 2017

            While there are a gazillion online music choices in this year of our lord 2017…  not many know about  Filtermusic assembles some offbeat (and some onbeat) streaming radio options spanning genres from across the world.  Their curated selections only display currently active streams, so the site is never out of date and your clicks should […]

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            • Repost – Why is this website mixing ambient music with police scanner audio so intensely gripping?

              Dave Wesley, April 3rd 2017

              When I wake up in the morning and find this kind of stuff on Facebook, it literally makes my day.  This is a re-posted from FACT Mag.   “ is a site that generates strange, endless sound collages by loading ambient tracks from SoundCloud and blending them with police radio chatter from locations across the […]

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              • Web Destination – Open Culture

                Dave Wesley, March 11th 2017

                Open Culture is a most amazing curated aggregation of interesting music, movies, education, videos, etc…  all accessible for free.  I have found a lot of sample food (for audio production) and interesting and inspiring nuggets.  It’s an ever-deepening (already deep) well of content and I have a great amount of respect for Dan Colman.  Someone […]

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