ORDER NOW! The new Tulipomania album “Dreaming of Sleep”

Now on sale! Tulipomania’s new album “Dreaming of Sleep” is here!...Read More
September 19, 2023

Entrancing Dronal Modular – XVARR – Echoes of Time

I love record stores for discovering music. Not-so-much in the mode of rifling through stacks and dropping needles. But, for witnessing the shopkeepers’ currently spinning selection. I’ve stumbled onto so many rubies in this way. Over the years. As was discovered the mysterious and entrancing XVARR – Echoes of Time...Read More
November 24, 2019
+ Birds over city building

Haunting Gothic Rock From Istanbul – Rain To Rust – Flowers Of Doubt

I was lucky enough to receive this promo in my email inbox on a dark and gray Autumn morning. This is the type of expertly crafted gothic rock that gives inclement weather and depression an attractive patina. According to a fan review on Bandcamp “Mert Yıldız, who plays almost everything...Read More
October 31, 2019
+ Richard Chartier

Mix – Richard Chartier October 2019 Mix for Dublab’s Between Two Points Radio Show

This is an enthralling spooky 2-hour odyssey. Perfect for your Halloween run-up. Between Two Points is a monthly transMIXion by Los Angeles based sound artist Richard Chartier for Dublab. A beginning, an end and the layered transitional sonic flow enclosed, ‘between two points’ explores textures, tones, place, and space, featuring...Read More
October 24, 2019