• But Darling It’s Hideous EP – CY006

    Adas Butler, May 20th 2017

    Contort Yourself, purveyors of obscure, difficult industrial noise that damn well makes your body move, are on their sixth compilation, and this one is flat-out great. As usual, it’s a mix of old and new, with the standout discovery being Penelope’s Fiance, a Greek producer who shifts uncannily between the unsettling and the sublime. There’s two […]

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    • Web Destination: That Special Record

      Gabi Von Dub, April 18th 2017

      Finding myself suddenly flooded by awesome new and old music – ok great excuse, i´m always like that – i´m a bit puzzled of what to write about at the moment, since i need the writing progress bar to actually progress and deliver you another tip on one of the zillion aural extravaganza available around. It´s […]

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      • Anthony Rother – Sex With The Machines

        Gabi Von Dub, April 10th 2017

        Allow me to highlight herr Rother‘s classic “Sex with the Machines”, which was released end of April, 20 years ago, on Kanzleramt.   A defining masterpiece on its own, carefully designed with classic German precision, it purports an intimate “liaison” between the driven spirit of Anthony and his garden of buttons, keys, plugs and cables…  breeding […]

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        • Repost – Why is this website mixing ambient music with police scanner audio so intensely gripping?

          Dave Wesley, April 3rd 2017

          When I wake up in the morning and find this kind of stuff on Facebook, it literally makes my day.  This is a re-posted from FACT Mag.   “ is a site that generates strange, endless sound collages by loading ambient tracks from SoundCloud and blending them with police radio chatter from locations across the […]

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          • HTRK – Fascinator – Part Time Punks Session

            Dom Fox, April 1st 2017

            I have developed a healthy fascination with this recording.  This is one of those tracks that, at the very same time, takes me back and forward in time.   I will sleep on a sidewalk outside a ticket vendor to see this live (like I did for The Cars in 1979 where other ticket goers […]

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            • NightFlight is Back!

              Dom Fox, February 19th 2017

              NightFlight is back with a Plus subscription and a Roku channel.  I can not overstate the amount of influence that this late night cable television production had on my young life, in the 80s…  an open cultural window to the world from a barren small North Dakota college apartment. The resurrected site and library feature […]

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              • Johnny Rotten Show – The Punk and His Music Pt 2. Capital Radio 16th July 1977

                Dom Fox, February 1st 2017

                How cool is this?  If the internet existed for only one reason…  this might very well qualify.  

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                • ECM Label “As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls” Sessions… in Lego

                  Wesley Mayhem, January 28th 2017

                  Just because…   ECM seems to have fans within the LEGO community! #ecm #ecmrecords #lego #legominifigures #legocreator #legostagram #patmetheny #patmethenygroup #lylemays #nanavasconcelos #janerikkongshaug #manfredeicher A photo posted by ECM Records (@ecm_records) on Jan 27, 2017 at 4:35am PST

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                  • C​:​/​NN​/​1

                    Dom Fox, January 26th 2017

                    Chill and interesting music from C​:​/​NN​/​1 who is “An implausible particle and genuine actual human person. Making unpopular music for unpopular people since 2001.”  Their artist alias and Bandcamp tagline make this worth a click and the music is worth the time. C:/NN/1 by Negative Neutron

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                    • Dewtone – Super Chilled Streaming Radio and Label

                      Dave Wesley, January 3rd 2017

                      Dustin Morris curates one of the great pleasures in my life…  Dewtone streaming radio.  This station is instant Valium and a connection with hyper-contemporary electronic music currents and music producers across the globe.  It’s free and easy…     Watch the flickering light…  You’re getting very sleepy…

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