• Ângela Polícia – Pruridades.

    Gabi Von Dub, March 22nd 2017

    Killer release on Crate Records, throwing some ripples of purity in the mind zone. In the collaborative and passionate Portuguese hip-hop scene, not every record reaches my heart as deep as this one. Ângela Polícia speaks with clarity, breathing every track with such an unusual honesty and tone, delivering to the world truth and compassion, […]

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    • Interview with Manfred Eicher – Founder of ECM Records

      Dave Wesley, March 19th 2017

      This man and this label fascinate me.  Eicher is credited as one of the first to use digital reverb as an instrument in minimal production.  ECM releases are not stream-able, currently, which is a bummer.  One has to procure practicalities or high quality digital downloads. Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal  

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      • Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa

        Gabi Von Dub, March 18th 2017

        Memory plays an essential role in the Portuguese management of life.  And,  I dare to say, it’s one of our most cherished elements.  The past ignites the future and the creative mind triggers new possibilities and trails for the great archive. Music, in adventurous form, illuminates and elevates beauty, heights, and depths of our history’s emotional […]

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        • Visible Cloaks – Reassemblage

          Gabi Von Dub, March 9th 2017

          Springtime is being delivered earlier this year, by the Oregon´s duo Carlile and Doran aka Visible Cloaks. Reassemblage justifies beyond the duty…  an immense dive into ambient and delicate abstractions, which grounds dreams and reality in perfect stillness. Essential since the first listen. Get it here:

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          • Playlist – A Young Person’s Guide To The Avant-Garde

            Dave Wesley, February 12th 2017

            Re-posted from my so-called blog at Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda): Say what you will about streaming music robbing artists of their fair share (and it’s true and most likely temporary)…  but the advantages of ubiquitous streaming and all access passes to deep wells of human musical expression for the curious and aficionados is totally fantastic. And, […]

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            • Silent Season – Faru – Through Darkness Comes Light

              Dave Wesley, January 29th 2017

              Brooding ambient release from the monumental Silent Season label…  and Berlin-based artist, “Faru”.  The sentiment of the release title embodies the character description of Sursumcorda between founding collaborators.  Silent Season’s well is deep…  I recommend sending the bucket down for a dip. Through Darkness Comes Light by Faru

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              • Vaporwave? New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies

                Dave Wesley, January 27th 2017

                Although “vaporwave” is not listed in suggested genres for this reissued release, by an alias of Brian Grainger, on the Milieu Label, it’s definitely going to be tagged as such in my collection.  Really amazing music.  If you like Boards of Canada, Tycho, and/or the vaporwave genre, this may be for you.   PS:  Don’t […]

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                • Tulipomania’s new video for their recently released seven-inch “Who Let You Know” is featured on Magnet Magazine’s “Film at 11”

                  Dave Wesley, December 5th 2016

                  Tulipomania’s new video for their recently released seven-inch “Who Let You Know” is featured on Magnet Magazine’s “Film at 11”. Check it out!!!

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                  • 80s Bristol Glory – Claytown Troupe

                    Dave Wesley, November 28th 2016

                    Bandcamp is such a wonderful thing on so many levels.  My email inbox surprised me with a super cool vintage 80s release on repertoire label Bristol Archive Records, that embodies so much of what I love about that period.  Claytown Troupe previously unknown to this author.  Bordering on Goth but more like the Alarm, vocally…   […]

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                    • Blackest Ever Black

                      Dave Wesley, November 14th 2016

                      Run (don’t walk) over to  You simply have to check out the great London-based dark moody label Blackest Ever Black.   The latest Carla Del Forno release is sublime and is on heavy rotation on my surreal trip to USA.  Don’t know why.  And, I don’t care.      

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