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  • Ângela Polícia – Pruridades.

    Gabi Von Dub, March 22nd 2017

    Killer release on Crate Records, throwing some ripples of purity in the mind zone. In the collaborative and passionate Portuguese hip-hop scene, not every record reaches my heart as deep as this one. Ângela Polícia speaks with clarity, breathing every track with such an unusual honesty and tone, delivering to the world truth and compassion, […]

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    • Re-Post – Jan Jelinek: Sampling matters

      Dave Wesley, March 21st 2017

      Oli Warwick’s timely and salient Resident Advisor piece on Jan Jelinek  fascinates and brightens my week.   Jan Jelinek’s (now classic) groundbreaking sample/cut/copy/paste/glitch production is a huge influence and inspiration to my own music production and listening palette.  

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      • Repost – The 10 Weirdest, Most Wonderful Ricardo Villalobos Tracks

        Dave Wesley, March 4th 2017

        As a producer and a listener, I still have a strange but healthy fascination with Ricardo, even though he seems to have settled into his musical context.  I will always give his new stuff a listen to see if he has returned to bending the rules. Re-posting this cool article from Pulse.

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        • Ambient – REMST8

          Wesley Mayhem, February 9th 2017

          Bedroom ambient music…  This guy has drone ambient down pat…  (but maybe not cover art).  😉 Ommmmmmm… Accumulator by remst8

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          • Crate Diggers – Flávio Freitas – Drive

            Dave Wesley, November 15th 2016

            Until every track, sample, stem, digital image, etc. is watermarked or Blockchain enabled, we have the advantage of listening to expertly crafted mixes from true crate diggers like Flakka (Flávio Freitas), from Porto, Portugal.  I have had the extreme good fortune to be in his presence many times, along with his cadre of fellow diggers […]

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            • Casino Versus Japan on His 80-Track Experimental Masterwork

              Dave Wesley, November 3rd 2016

              Check out this amazing interview/blog post about an amazing artist.  Instant Bandcamp buy for me. Casino Versus Japan on His 80-Track Experimental Masterwork Frozen Geometry by Casino Versus Japan

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              • The Prolific Tamás Olejnik

                Dave Wesley, September 22nd 2016

                Electronic (and organic) music producers like Tamás Olejnik (from Hungary) make me jealous and make me wonder what I’m doing with all of my time.  He has several aliases including Dublicator, Organit, and Atendex.  His work spans dub techno, organic techno, and ambient/drone.  His music is super cool and his production is consistent high quality.  He also […]

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