• Release – Inner Ocean Records’ BLESS Vol. 1

    Dave Wesley, May 26th 2017

    My penchant for deep lo-fi dubby techno and chill music is almost equaled (and was preceded by) an obsession with deep lo-fi dirty instrumental hip hop and trip-hop.  DJ Krush performed a show of minimal hip-hop beats and atmospheres at Sursumcorda nightclub in Minneapolis (circa 2001) and it re-contextualized my sonic world. Inner Ocean Records […]

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    • But Darling It’s Hideous EP – CY006

      Adas Butler, May 20th 2017

      Contort Yourself, purveyors of obscure, difficult industrial noise that damn well makes your body move, are on their sixth compilation, and this one is flat-out great. As usual, it’s a mix of old and new, with the standout discovery being Penelope’s Fiance, a Greek producer who shifts uncannily between the unsettling and the sublime. There’s two […]

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      • Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda)

        Dave Wesley, May 16th 2017

        Meet our sister label, Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda).  Deep, dark, lo-fi, ambient, cinematic, meditative and experimental music germinating from dub techno origins.  Today marks the release of our third compilation release. Web destinations include: Ning Soundcloud Bandcamp Facebook Twitter TuneIn – Streaming Radio Warm regards from Porto, Portugal, Dave Wesley Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) – Compilation v1 by […]

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        • Record Label – Crónica

          Dave Wesley, May 12th 2017

          From Crónica’s about page: “Crónica is a media-label based in Porto, Portugal. Started in early 2003 as an outlet for local artists, Crónica has since expanded to become an imprint dedicated to electronic and experimental music, and their intertwining with all forms of time-based media.” This is an amazingly prolific experimental label, which turns out […]

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          • Label – Erased Tapes

            Dave Wesley, February 7th 2017

            Self-described:  “Erased Tapes Records is a London based independent record label focusing on releasing avant-garde music which is widely regarded as very diverse in genres and styles. The record company was established by German-born Robert Raths in early 2007 and is managed by him.” The below compilation features a track by Nils Frahm with Robert […]

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            • Silent Season – Faru – Through Darkness Comes Light

              Dave Wesley, January 29th 2017

              Brooding ambient release from the monumental Silent Season label…  and Berlin-based artist, “Faru”.  The sentiment of the release title embodies the character description of Sursumcorda between founding collaborators.  Silent Season’s well is deep…  I recommend sending the bucket down for a dip. Through Darkness Comes Light by Faru

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              • Vaporwave? New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies

                Dave Wesley, January 27th 2017

                Although “vaporwave” is not listed in suggested genres for this reissued release, by an alias of Brian Grainger, on the Milieu Label, it’s definitely going to be tagged as such in my collection.  Really amazing music.  If you like Boards of Canada, Tycho, and/or the vaporwave genre, this may be for you.   PS:  Don’t […]

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                • Dewtone – Super Chilled Streaming Radio and Label

                  Dave Wesley, January 3rd 2017

                  Dustin Morris curates one of the great pleasures in my life…  Dewtone streaming radio.  This station is instant Valium and a connection with hyper-contemporary electronic music currents and music producers across the globe.  It’s free and easy…     Watch the flickering light…  You’re getting very sleepy…

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                  • Inner Ocean Records

                    Dave Wesley, December 9th 2016

                    Remember trip hop?  It was my introduction into “deep” instrumental music  and spinning vinyl.  Portishead’s uber economic 40 minute show at Minneapolis’ old Guthrie theater, on Hennepin Avenue, goes down as number one on my list of live shows. Experimental lofi trip hop is alive and well…  and residing at Inner Ocean Records, where you […]

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                    • 80s Bristol Glory – Claytown Troupe

                      Dave Wesley, November 28th 2016

                      Bandcamp is such a wonderful thing on so many levels.  My email inbox surprised me with a super cool vintage 80s release on repertoire label Bristol Archive Records, that embodies so much of what I love about that period.  Claytown Troupe previously unknown to this author.  Bordering on Goth but more like the Alarm, vocally…   […]

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