Deep Underground

  • Underground Techno – Pavel Milyakov – Yalta

    Dave Wesley, September 6th 2017

    Bandcamp has emerged as one of the most effective tools for new music discovery.  I follow collections and purchasing habits of some choice taste makers and I’m never disappointed when surfing for new music within their Bandcamp collections.   Pavel Milyakov’s Yalta release, on what seems to be an nameless Russian vinyl and digital label, is […]

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    • Underground Find – Basement Revolver

      Maxine Wesley,

      Although Basement Revolver doesn’t have a wide range of songs released, they’re definitely a band that has huge potential and deserves more recognition than they’re currently getting. The dreamy female vocals combined with the slow tempo instrumental make for incredibly easy listening, especially if you’re a fan of artists like Angel Olsen or other female-led […]

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      • Dust of Shadows

        Adas Butler, June 1st 2017

        Looped 16mm film with optical sound – Numerous species of mushroom spore print onto clear film. (Audio features a poem read by Sylvia Plath) A rarity of wonder over at Bleep – only 23 copies of David Chatton Barker’s ‘Dust of Shadows’ will be available. A co-founder of the unique Folklore Tapes label, who have worked […]

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        • Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – From A Flawed Apex Which Led To The Head

          Wesley Mayhem, May 18th 2017

          This is a rare and fantastic blend of experimental music and techno structures with a striking holism.  Bandcamp showed me that Philip Sherburne purchased these bits and bytes, so I checked it out.  I shot.  I scored. Long live Jesse Osborne-Lanthier. Long live Where To Now? Records, UK. Long live Philip Sherburne. Long live Bandcamp. […]

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          • Earth by Means of the Currents

            Adas Butler, May 16th 2017

            Earth by Means of the Currents was a series of ten original artworks by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton, collaged almost entirely from Evan Hopkins’s ‘On the Connexion of Geology with Terrestrial Magnetism’, and accompanied by two new recordings of voice, strings, tone generators and field recordings. The book is a little hard to find now […]

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            • Corroded Trip-Hop – “GEA” WeMe030 by J.K.

              Dave Wesley, April 18th 2017

              In the 2000’s, trip-hop was my gateway sonic drug to lo-fi deep dark dub techno and related genres… which have ended up as genre quicksand… engulfing my aural foci ever since. J.K.’s “GEA”…  Wo…  I haven’t heard anything as corroded, dark, jarring and cool since some of the earlier DJ Krush releases (before he went […]

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              • Repost – Why is this website mixing ambient music with police scanner audio so intensely gripping?

                Dave Wesley, April 3rd 2017

                When I wake up in the morning and find this kind of stuff on Facebook, it literally makes my day.  This is a re-posted from FACT Mag.   “ is a site that generates strange, endless sound collages by loading ambient tracks from SoundCloud and blending them with police radio chatter from locations across the […]

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                • Northern Valentine – Born Yesterday

                  Dave Wesley, March 30th 2017

                  I discovered this amazing track during a Soma Drone Zone infused meditation session, this morning.  It is was compelling enough to break through my theta trance that I interrupted the meditation to check the track that was streaming.   Born Yesterday is the perfect combination of organic and electronic drone.  It sounds great detuned to […]

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                  • Ambient – REMST8

                    Wesley Mayhem, February 9th 2017

                    Bedroom ambient music…  This guy has drone ambient down pat…  (but maybe not cover art).  😉 Ommmmmmm… Accumulator by remst8

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                    • Vaporwave? New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies

                      Dave Wesley, January 27th 2017

                      Although “vaporwave” is not listed in suggested genres for this reissued release, by an alias of Brian Grainger, on the Milieu Label, it’s definitely going to be tagged as such in my collection.  Really amazing music.  If you like Boards of Canada, Tycho, and/or the vaporwave genre, this may be for you.   PS:  Don’t […]

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