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  • Cool Find – The Blurry Underground Pop of Ummagma

    Dave Wesley, August 23rd 2017

    Ummagma is a blurry pop band in the absolute best sense of that description.  I recently discovered a bunch of their unique tracks and videos on YouTube.   My penchant for intentionally lo-fi production finds me heavily rotating the track Live And Let Die. Their style varies a bit across releases, but it firmly remains […]

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  • Arctic Dub Live Mix – Dave Wesley – Tuesday Nights Are Weird No. 2

    Dave Wesley, August 16th 2017

    Dave Wesley’s ambient and experimental selections mixed live into a moody dub techno set on a Tuesday night from Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) Labs.

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  • Brush (Flush) With Fame – My Brief Encounter With Glenn Campbell

    Dave Wesley, August 9th 2017

    One Summer afternoon, somewhere in range of 1979 – 1980, in Hastings, Minnesota, my high school cover band was practicing in the basement of the keyboard player’s house, which was a spacious abode on the 16th hole of the Hastings Country Club.   Odds are,  we were in the midst of butchering a Cars song, […]

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  • Tulipomania – On the Outside / Don’t Be So Sure – Seahawks Remix

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