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  • Ângela Polícia – Pruridades.

    Gabi Von Dub, March 22nd 2017

    Killer release on Crate Records, throwing some ripples of purity in the mind zone. In the collaborative and passionate Portuguese hip-hop scene, not every record reaches my heart as deep as this one. Ângela Polícia speaks with clarity, breathing every track with such an unusual honesty and tone, delivering to the world truth and compassion, […]

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  • Re-Post – Jan Jelinek: Sampling matters

    Dave Wesley, March 21st 2017

    Oli Warwick’s timely and salient Resident Advisor piece on Jan Jelinek  fascinates and brightens my week.   Jan Jelinek’s (now classic) groundbreaking sample/cut/copy/paste/glitch production is a huge influence and inspiration to my own music production and listening palette.  

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  • Interview with Manfred Eicher – Founder of ECM Records

    Dave Wesley, March 19th 2017

    This man and this label fascinate me.  Eicher is credited as one of the first to use digital reverb as an instrument in minimal production.  ECM releases are not stream-able, currently, which is a bummer.  One has to procure practicalities or high quality digital downloads. Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal  

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  • Tulipomania – Don’t Be So Sure / Who Let You Know 7″

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