Underground Techno – Pavel Milyakov – Yalta

Underground Techno – Pavel Milyakov – Yalta

Dave Wesley, September 6th 2017

Bandcamp has emerged as one of the most effective tools for new music discovery.  I follow collections and purchasing habits of some choice taste makers and I’m never disappointed when surfing for new music within their Bandcamp collections.  

Pavel Milyakov’s Yalta release, on what seems to be an nameless Russian vinyl and digital label, is no exception.  This is experimental “post-techno” at it’s best with a perfect balance of lo-fi, hi-fi, beats and ambient.

My favorite track is silent e with it’s tribal and hissy imperative.  Eastern Europe seems to be the current unofficial source of new and interesting music production.  Time to plan a trip (at least a virtual one).

Yours in vinyl noise,

Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal