Release – Inner Ocean Records’ BLESS Vol. 1

Release – Inner Ocean Records’ BLESS Vol. 1

Dave Wesley, May 26th 2017

My penchant for deep lo-fi dubby techno and chill music is almost equaled (and was preceded by) an obsession with deep lo-fi dirty instrumental hip hop and trip-hop.  DJ Krush performed a show of minimal hip-hop beats and atmospheres at Sursumcorda nightclub in Minneapolis (circa 2001) and it re-contextualized my sonic world.

Inner Ocean Records continues to release a ton of lo-fi instrumental hip that are squarely in the center of the coolness bullseye…  on cassette and digital formats.

BLESS Vol. 1 is a 111 track (yes 111 tracks) compilation assembled for a good cause:

“In an effort to try to do some good in the world, we gathered the fam to put together a mega compilation in order to raise some money to help people in Syria. 100% of proceeds will be donated to help support the White Helmets, people dedicated to saving lives affected by the ongoing war.

Hosted by Inner Ocean Records + O-NEI-RIC Tapes + Saikei Collective, we gathered 111 lo-fi tracks from 111 different artists. The compilation spans 2 fully loaded tapes with approximately 100 minutes per tape, totaling almost 4 hrs of super chilled beats.”

Great music.  Great cause.  High coolness factor.  Click “Buy Now” and cough up some good karma.

Yours in service to chill,

Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal