Paper Dollhouse – The Sky Looks Different Here

Paper Dollhouse – The Sky Looks Different Here

Dave Wesley, March 28th 2018

I’ve been a fan of Paper Dollhouse before the tide of publicity started rolling their way.   I think one of the band members works at The Wire, so their press is naturally laced with intellectual cool and it looks like they will be playing some gigs that feature a juice bar and knitting classes.

Paper Dollhouse is an evolution of Rayographs, whom I witnessed at the Offset Festival, almost a decade ago, and they were the best thing going at the event. 

Paper Dollhouse (Astrud) didn’t return our calls when we inquired about the potential of releasing on Sursumcorda Records.  No hard feelings though.  It probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway.  (Insert taste of sour grape here as we are still searching for the right band to add to our roster.)

This music has a dark edge that fits into a mix with HTRK and Blackest Ever Black releases but also, at times, provides a Day-Glo counterpoint to gothy dread.  They produce consistently stirring lo-fi bedroom ambient with a hint of shoegaze.  My kind of jams…  as the kids might say…  okay, the kids would probably not say that.

Their latest release, The Sky Looks Different Here, makes Spring seem like Autumn…  in a good way.

Hey, when exactly did lo-fi go mainstream?  2017?  2018?  Discuss!

Best regards,

Dave Wesley – Somewhere in Portugal