Lyl Radio – Lyon and Paris, France

Lyl Radio – Lyon and Paris, France

Dave Wesley, November 10th 2017

In this brave new world of a veritable plethora well-curated underground streaming radio and mixes, Lyl Radio (physical studio in Lyon, France) is an absolute stand out among the crowd (NTS, Redlight Radio, Berlin Community Radio, dublab, etc.).   

And, I know a bit about streaming stations as I lovingly curate my own (Arctic Dub streaming radio).  So there.

The variety, depth, and sheer volume of DJs, mixers, and shows is astounding.  My discovery of Lyl Radio has been much like the fabled chance unveiling of the vintage cherry Corvette…  stored in a barn for decades by the father of a veteran of foreign war.

That thing when you walk into your favorite record store and the music piped over the store’s system sounds more interesting and aurally pleasing than anything in your current collection…  Yeah, like that.  Lyl Radio is sonic JACKPOT.  

Race your fingers, mouse, trackpad, whatever to get Lyl Radio into your life.

(Oh, come on.  JFC.  You can find the rest of their links on their own.)

As I scribe this post, I’m currently listening to the below but the well is deep and there’s even a live stream (erratically scheduled it seems).  It has been difficult to find a show/mix that I didn’t like.

Best regards,

Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal