Low – Quorum / Dancing and Blood / Fly

Low – Quorum / Dancing and Blood / Fly

Dave Wesley, June 12th 2018


This extended play release is bona fide – class A – numero uno – amazing.

I’m very proud to say that I was born in the same state (Minnesota) from which this band hails.

Low is known for inventing slowcore (whether true or not)…  and has evolved over the years to produce releases that break their slowcore genre roots.  But, this new set of tracks, produced by BJ Burton, is the first time I’ve heard Low stray into true experimentalism… and to absolutely fantastic effect.  

I literally can’t wait to hear the full album release (Double Negative – due out in September 2018) from which these tracks have escaped.

Figuratively run to a listening device and listen to this.

With excitement (and trepidation),

Dave Wesley – Somewhere In Portugal