Jacaszek – KWIATY

Jacaszek – KWIATY

Gabi Von Dub, April 1st 2017

Her label-highness Ghostly International just put out polish luminary Jacaszek’s latest opus, which has been a matter of surrounding enchantment to my aural senses these last days.

KWIATY was born when Michal Jacaszek stumbled upon the disarming words of 17th century lyricist/poet Robert Herrick. His profound yet hopeful simplistic prose, as well song like structures, appealed immediately to Jacaszek and informed his musical undertakings…  electro-acoustic contrasting textures and tempers revealing the unavoidable beauty — matching the inspirational poetry.

The result is this masterpiece, where  Hania Malarowska, Joasia Sobowiec-Jamioł and Natalia Grzebała lend their warming tones to Jacaszek’s most vocal oriented work to date…  freezing time into a state of filigreeing emotion.


Gabi Von Dub – Porto, Portugal