Corroded Trip-Hop – “GEA” WeMe030 by J.K.

Corroded Trip-Hop – “GEA” WeMe030 by J.K.

Dave Wesley, April 18th 2017

In the 2000’s, trip-hop was my gateway sonic drug to lo-fi deep dark dub techno and related genres… which have ended up as genre quicksand… engulfing my aural foci ever since.

J.K.’s “GEA”…  Wo…  I haven’t heard anything as corroded, dark, jarring and cool since some of the earlier DJ Krush releases (before he went all cinematic on our asses).  

Sidenote:  When DJ Krush played Sursumcorda nightclub, in Minneapolis, in 2001-2002 time frame, I was blown far away.  Retroblast’s opening set wasn’t too shabbed out either.

Highly recommended.  The pun is just sitting there for the taking.

Warm regards from Porto,

David M. Wesley