Cool Streaming Radio Stations

Cool Streaming Radio Stations

Dave Wesley, July 3rd 2017

Streaming radio has been a big part of my life since Marcos Romero turned me on to Deep Mix Moscow, at least a decade ago.  Since then, I’ve started my own underground deep dubby experimental music station (Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda)), but I rotate listening to several streaming sources throughout the week, depending on my mood and that of my usually contradictory family/friends.  

My good friend, Matthew Salt, recently asked me to email a list of cool streaming radio sources…  Thought I’d have that list serve double-duty and voila, a curated list of my favorite streaming joints (in no particular order):

Filtermusic (myriad streams across multiple genres) –
SomaFM (a cavalcade of streams across multiple genres) –
  • I like Drone Zone the best on SomaFM

NTS Radio –

TuneIn Radio (any genre of station you can think of) –
Warm regards,
Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal