Cool Find – The Blurry Underground Pop of Ummagma

Cool Find – The Blurry Underground Pop of Ummagma

Dave Wesley, August 23rd 2017

Ummagma is a blurry pop band in the absolute best sense of that description.  I recently discovered a bunch of their unique tracks and videos on YouTube.  

My penchant for intentionally lo-fi production finds me heavily rotating the track Live And Let Die.

Their style varies a bit across releases, but it firmly remains reminiscent of a more underground Cocteau Twins (Blue Bell Knoll period) intersecting with some My Bloody Valentine production values.   In fact, Robin Guthrie recently remixed Ummagma’s Lama (see embed below) to great effect.  Wow.  The future and past remixed up into the present.  Sonic time travel.

This is great driving music. Shauna McLarnon’s expertly soothing vocals ride perfectly within Alexander Kretov’s sonic gravity.

Discover their releases on Bandcamp.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal