CoH – Return to Mechanics

CoH – Return to Mechanics

Gabi Von Dub, April 23rd 2017

It’s the weekend and the madness militia is aligned to hit the twilight around the world.

And. I’m here. Stubborn. Thinking  about the importance of silence as a daily exercise forever and ever. And good records. Damn good records. Made of sound, silence and the science of gardening through music hardware/DAWs.

“Return to Mechanics” lights the springtime with its zoomed view of machinistic dialogues and thoughts, under the big pictured supervision of all time hero CoH.

A follow up to his ” Music Vol.” on Mego Editions, this four track compendium maintains CoH’s challenging signature within the dimensional possibilities of sound, while the freestyle allegory remains stripped to its core. I would not be intellectually honest with myself calling it post-pop, because to me it sounds like ever present music.

To top it all, a great cover to the song which was top number 1 on my birthday, to celebrate my 40th turn, this summer. Universe just got even cooler.

Gabi Von Dub – Porto, Portugal