Brush (Flush) With Fame – My Brief Encounter With Glenn Campbell

Brush (Flush) With Fame – My Brief Encounter With Glenn Campbell

Dave Wesley, August 9th 2017

One Summer afternoon, somewhere in range of 1979 – 1980, in Hastings, Minnesota, my high school cover band was practicing in the basement of the keyboard player’s house, which was a spacious abode on the 16th hole of the Hastings Country Club.  

Odds are,  we were in the midst of butchering a Cars song, when a stranger walked down the stairs into our rehearsal zone.  We all did a double-take as we realized that we were in the presence of Glenn Campbell.  He asked for the location of the WC and quickly did his business.  On his way back up the stairs, he told us that we sounded good and seemed a super nice guy, as he explained that he was playing in a golf tournament when nature called with a vengeance.

RIP Glenn.  You were a hell of a musician (and seemingly nice guy).  I’m pretty sure the keyboard player’s family has still not flushed that toilet, in honor of the urinary celebrity visitation.


Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal