Ângela Polícia – Pruridades.

Ângela Polícia – Pruridades.

Gabi Von Dub, March 22nd 2017

Killer release on Crate Records, throwing some ripples of purity in the mind zone.

In the collaborative and passionate Portuguese hip-hop scene, not every record reaches my heart as deep as this one.

Ângela Polícia speaks with clarity, breathing every track with such an unusual honesty and tone, delivering to the world truth and compassion, sharply affected by personal ether and mists , over a wide and flowing musical palette, irresistible for every caretaker.

Even if the listener isn’t fluent in Portuguese, that will not be an obstacle to enjoyment of this album, as its essence flows universally from the innermost collective source.

Gabi Von Dub – Porto, Portugal