Year: 2018 - Month: 03

  • Paper Dollhouse – The Sky Looks Different Here

    Dave Wesley, March 28th 2018

    I’ve been a fan of Paper Dollhouse before the tide of publicity started rolling their way.   I think one of the band members works at The Wire, so their press is naturally laced with intellectual cool and it looks like they will be playing some gigs that feature a juice bar and knitting classes. Paper […]

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    • Forays of an Expat – Denmark Will Politely Eat You Alive

      Franklin Streck, March 8th 2018

      My kids were upset, arguing that they had to share the (1) precious package of PopTarts that remained, meaning they could only each have (1) warmed up Brown Sugar flavored PopTart (without frosting, somehow this is crucial) , rather than the (2) they would have each received had there been (2) packages left.   And […]

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      • Ambient (True) Dub Mix – Secret Thirteen – Jay Glass Dubs

        Dave Wesley, March 5th 2018

        The genre “ambient dub” has been co-opted by those pesky dub techno fans (like me)…  but this mix stems from true roots dub and ambient music.  Like all Secret Thirteen mixes, it’s interesting and engaging beyond most. Highly recommended. May the gods not smite you, Dave Wesley – Portugal

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        • New Deadbeat – You Gonna Like (These) Snakes

          Dave Wesley, March 3rd 2018

          If you like Ricardo Villalobos’ deconstructed groove production, you “gonna like (these new) snakes” from dub techno pioneer Deadbeat. Remember Ricardo’s Fabric mix of original tracks and the specific track with the Taiko drums combined with a rambling nightclub era Liza Minnelli?  (At least I think it was Liza Minnelli.)  Berlin is obviously importing water from […]

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