Year: 2017 - Month: 05

  • Record Label – Crónica

    Dave Wesley, May 12th 2017

    From Crónica’s about page: “Crónica is a media-label based in Porto, Portugal. Started in early 2003 as an outlet for local artists, Crónica has since expanded to become an imprint dedicated to electronic and experimental music, and their intertwining with all forms of time-based media.” This is an amazingly prolific experimental label, which turns out […]

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    • Streaming Radio – Filtermusic

      Dave Wesley, May 9th 2017

      While there are a gazillion online music choices in this year of our lord 2017…  not many know about  Filtermusic assembles some offbeat (and some onbeat) streaming radio options spanning genres from across the world.  Their curated selections only display currently active streams, so the site is never out of date and your clicks should […]

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      • Repost – A History of Alternative Music Brilliantly Mapped Out on a Transistor Radio Circuit Board

        Wesley Mayhem, May 5th 2017

        This cool piece re-posted from the magnanimous…  See where you’ve been to tell where you are going.  Shit like that.  Forever yours, Wesley Mayhem – Etter, Minnesota

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