Year: 2017 - Month: 04

  • Live Streaming – 24/7 Lofi Hiphop Radio – Beats to Study | Game | Relax

    Dom Fox, April 29th 2017

    Copyright infringement detectorists be damned…  Nothing like some warm tubey lo-fi chill instrumental hip-hop (some calls it trip-hop) to start your European Saturday morning.  No matter if you wake and bake or stim your nodes with the dark bean, this might just get your day off to a good start…  or it might just be […]

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    • Mix – Cera Khin w/ Machine Woman: January 17

      Dave Wesley, April 27th 2017

      Machine Woman’s Twitter feed led me to Cera Khin and her mixes/radio shows, which are all over the usual suspect cool streaming radio transmitters (NTS, Redlight, Berlin Community Radio, etc).  This particular mix (created by them both), for Bristol based Noods Radio, is one of my favorite eclectic mixes of late mixing experimental darkness, found sound, […]

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      • Inaugural Post – Ajax Liquor Store


        Nuff said.

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        • CoH – Return to Mechanics

          Gabi Von Dub, April 23rd 2017

          It’s the weekend and the madness militia is aligned to hit the twilight around the world. And. I’m here. Stubborn. Thinking  about the importance of silence as a daily exercise forever and ever. And good records. Damn good records. Made of sound, silence and the science of gardening through music hardware/DAWs. “Return to Mechanics” lights the springtime […]

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          • Web Destination: That Special Record

            Gabi Von Dub, April 18th 2017

            Finding myself suddenly flooded by awesome new and old music – ok great excuse, i´m always like that – i´m a bit puzzled of what to write about at the moment, since i need the writing progress bar to actually progress and deliver you another tip on one of the zillion aural extravaganza available around. It´s […]

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            • Corroded Trip-Hop – “GEA” WeMe030 by J.K.

              Dave Wesley,

              In the 2000’s, trip-hop was my gateway sonic drug to lo-fi deep dark dub techno and related genres… which have ended up as genre quicksand… engulfing my aural foci ever since. J.K.’s “GEA”…  Wo…  I haven’t heard anything as corroded, dark, jarring and cool since some of the earlier DJ Krush releases (before he went […]

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              • Are Darren J. Cunningham (Actress) and Stephan Laubner (STL) having some sort of tryst?

                Dave Wesley, April 16th 2017

                I’ve been looking forward to the Actress – AZD full release for awhile and now it’s here. Does anyone else think that this new Actress release borrows heavily from Something Records and STL?  Are Darren J. Cunningham and Stephan Laubner having some sort of tryst?  Is Darren holding Stephan’s hand in the cover art for AZD?  Are […]

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                • Anthony Rother – Sex With The Machines

                  Gabi Von Dub, April 10th 2017

                  Allow me to highlight herr Rother‘s classic “Sex with the Machines”, which was released end of April, 20 years ago, on Kanzleramt.   A defining masterpiece on its own, carefully designed with classic German precision, it purports an intimate “liaison” between the driven spirit of Anthony and his garden of buttons, keys, plugs and cables…  breeding […]

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                  • Tomaga – Liberating Mania

                    Wesley Mayhem, April 9th 2017

                    They sure “Can” sound like…  “Can”…   Love this stuff.  This track from upcoming EP.

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                    • Paul Ellis – A Guitar Has Moonlight In It

                      Gabi Von Dub, April 4th 2017

                      I first learned about Paul Ellis, back in 2004, from a fantastic album with Craig Padilla, named Echosystem. It was a rewarding and timeless journey into deep ambiance, in the best tradition of  artist like Steve Roach, with whom Ellis collaborated.  But, it was not until a couple of years ago that i really became aware […]

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