Year: 2017 - Month: 03

  • Web Destination – Open Culture

    Dave Wesley, March 11th 2017

    Open Culture is a most amazing curated aggregation of interesting music, movies, education, videos, etc…  all accessible for free.  I have found a lot of sample food (for audio production) and interesting and inspiring nuggets.  It’s an ever-deepening (already deep) well of content and I have a great amount of respect for Dan Colman.  Someone […]

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    • Visible Cloaks – Reassemblage

      Gabi Von Dub, March 9th 2017

      Springtime is being delivered earlier this year, by the Oregon´s duo Carlile and Doran aka Visible Cloaks. Reassemblage justifies beyond the duty…  an immense dive into ambient and delicate abstractions, which grounds dreams and reality in perfect stillness. Essential since the first listen. Get it here:

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      • Mix – Surgeon (ambient set) at Freerotation 2014

        Dave Wesley, March 7th 2017

        This is one of my favorite experimental ambient sets ever.   The Buchla Music Easel doesn’t hurt either.

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        • Repost – The 10 Weirdest, Most Wonderful Ricardo Villalobos Tracks

          Dave Wesley, March 4th 2017

          As a producer and a listener, I still have a strange but healthy fascination with Ricardo, even though he seems to have settled into his musical context.  I will always give his new stuff a listen to see if he has returned to bending the rules. Re-posting this cool article from Pulse.

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