Release – The Mulholland Free Clinic

Release – The Mulholland Free Clinic

Gabi Von Dub, May 24th 2017

What happens when you wire David Moufang, Jonah Sharp, and Juju & Jordash into a booth – jamming their high-tuned instincts and vast experience?  You get the grand universe closer to you…  that’s what…  via The Mulholland Free Clinic full treatment.

Armed and committed to the ultimate musical freedom, these fabulous four have been unleashing uncategorized sonic plateaus all over Europe.  They have now released their first album as The Mulholland Free Clinic, on Away Music.

Their personal and combined signatures as rEAGENZ or Magic Mountain High, rise above individual skills, unfolding new languages and tones…  creating unpredictable results of morning beach ambient, intergalactic jazz, and humorous deep housey dance cadences, all of which provoking several duckface expressions, spontaneous air guitar, and mushroom-esque space drifting.

In this, more than occasional, sick paradise of current existence on the planet, this music will help you avoid ashrams (hello Terence) and expensive conventional clinics.

Go for it, NOW!