Web Destination: That Special Record

Web Destination: That Special Record

Gabi Von Dub, April 18th 2017

Finding myself suddenly flooded by awesome new and old music – ok great excuse, i´m always like that – i´m a bit puzzled of what to write about at the moment, since i need the writing progress bar to actually progress and deliver you another tip on one of the zillion aural extravaganza available around.

It´s also ironically great that uneventful creative times lead to remembering some real good stuff, which i can not resist sharing here.

So, time to tip my friend Miguel Ferreira´s monthly service That Special Record.
Miguel´s impeccable taste, dedication and curation, add to a highly reliable source, if you are really, i mean REALLY into cheerishing those special records.

According to the site:  “That Special Record is a record of the month club for fans of electronic, experimental and instrumental music. This is basically how it works: Once per month we’ll pick one incredible vinyl record and send a limited edition pressing of it right to your door. Our selections include mainly ambient, drone, electronica, experimental, free jazz, house music, techno, post-rock and everything in between. 

You’ll love That Special Record If you like Christina Vantzou, Grouper, Stars of the Lid, Tim Hecker, Julianna Barwick, Windy & Carl, Tiny Vipers, Steve Roach, William Basinski, Lawrence English, Ildefonso Aguilar, Imaginary Softwoods, Gigi Masin, Fred P, Vakula, Kyle Hall, Omar S, Theo Parrish, Hieroglyphic Being, Donato Dozzy, Jakob, This Will Destroy You, Tropic of Cancer, Kamasi Washington. Imagine experiencing one of these artists on vinyl before anyone knew them. That’s That Special Record.”

Ha,  what a silly attempt  to pretend you are not impressed with this list.

What are you waiting to admit it and subscribe?

Gabi von Dub – Porto, Portugal