Paul Ellis – A Guitar Has Moonlight In It

Paul Ellis – A Guitar Has Moonlight In It

Gabi Von Dub, April 4th 2017

I first learned about Paul Ellis, back in 2004, from a fantastic album with Craig Padilla, named Echosystem.
It was a rewarding and timeless journey into deep ambiance, in the best tradition of  artist like Steve Roach, with whom Ellis collaborated.  But, it was not until a couple of years ago that i really became aware of his significant discography, situated in the underrated and under-traveled shores of  the vast and serene ambient-music-scape.

A while  ago, I stumbled upon his recent work A Guitar Has Moonlight in It,  where Paul wields classical guitar with prodigal grace creating a magic masterful result.

A Guitar Has Moonlight in It is an invitation to listen closely to the unwavering mystery of the guitars’ thoughts, which Paul Ellis unfolds with delicacy and rigor, using keyboards at times, in the right measure to congeal a perfect atmosphere.

To be discovered many times…

Gabi Von Dub – Porto, Portugal