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  • Christina Kubisch / ELEH – IMPREC451

    Adas Butler, September 22nd 2017

    Artist Christina Kubisch brings together this fascinating link-up with the mysterious minimalist analog ELEH. Excitement is high and to top it all, it’s her first release on legendary label Important Records.  Some excerpts of what to expect when it’s released in November are available to listen to on the release page, also check out a […]

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  • loscil – Drained Lake

    Dave Wesley, September 13th 2017

    Having done some work designing music for dance and visual media, I appreciate a magic combination when I experience it…  This piece is amazing and emotional.  Loscil is one of my artistic heroes.  I’m really confused why you don’t have all of his releases. Music by loscil Choreographed and Performed by Vanessa Goodman Video by Scott […]

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  • Underground Techno – Pavel Milyakov – Yalta

    Dave Wesley, September 6th 2017

    Bandcamp has emerged as one of the most effective tools for new music discovery.  I follow collections and purchasing habits of some choice taste makers and I’m never disappointed when surfing for new music within their Bandcamp collections.   Pavel Milyakov’s Yalta release, on what seems to be an nameless Russian vinyl and digital label, is […]

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  • Underground Find – Basement Revolver

    Maxine Wesley,

    Although Basement Revolver doesn’t have a wide range of songs released, they’re definitely a band that has huge potential and deserves more recognition than they’re currently getting. The dreamy female vocals combined with the slow tempo instrumental make for incredibly easy listening, especially if you’re a fan of artists like Angel Olsen or other female-led […]

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  • Repost – Wire Mix: Lucrecia Dalt

    Dave Wesley, August 24th 2017

    Leftfield and informative mix by Lucrecia Dalt for The Wire magazine.

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  • Cool Find – The Blurry Underground Pop of Ummagma

    Dave Wesley, August 23rd 2017

    Ummagma is a blurry pop band in the absolute best sense of that description.  I recently discovered a bunch of their unique tracks and videos on YouTube.   My penchant for intentionally lo-fi production finds me heavily rotating the track Live And Let Die. Their style varies a bit across releases, but it firmly remains […]

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  • Arctic Dub Live Mix – Dave Wesley – Tuesday Nights Are Weird No. 2

    Dave Wesley, August 16th 2017

    Dave Wesley’s ambient and experimental selections mixed live into a moody dub techno set on a Tuesday night from Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) Labs.

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  • Brush (Flush) With Fame – My Brief Encounter With Glenn Campbell

    Dave Wesley, August 9th 2017

    One Summer afternoon, somewhere in range of 1979 – 1980, in Hastings, Minnesota, my high school cover band was practicing in the basement of the keyboard player’s house, which was a spacious abode on the 16th hole of the Hastings Country Club.   Odds are,  we were in the midst of butchering a Cars song, […]

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  • Tulipomania Posters Now Available – Original Artwork by Vaughan Oliver

    Dave Wesley, July 26th 2017

    Posters for Tulipomania’s This Gilded Age release are now available on Bandcamp.  This unique poster features artwork by the infamous Vaughan Oliver.

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  • Dif Juz: Time Clock Turn Back

    Joel Hanson, July 23rd 2017

    In a YouTube video entitled Finding Dif Juz, Bella Union co-founder and ex-Cocteau Twins bassist Simon Raymonde unearths two rare 12-inch singles by the early 80’s instrumental group Dif Juz and claims that the origins of post-rock are found in the grooves of these low-fi recordings. While that may be true, as evidenced by the […]

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