• Deep Release from Ultimae Records – POLARITY – Various Artists Mixed By Focal

    Dave Wesley, May 31st 2017

    Ultimae Records prolifically releases classy high fidelity deep dub and ambient music…  This concept compilation is no exception with a voluminous 28 tracks (priced at 10 euros on Bandcamp).  I received email notification.  I clicked link.  I listened to a few selections.  I gladly purchased.  Follow suit? Warm regards, Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal From […]

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    • Release – Inner Ocean Records’ BLESS Vol. 1

      Dave Wesley, May 26th 2017

      My penchant for deep lo-fi dubby techno and chill music is almost equaled (and was preceded by) an obsession with deep lo-fi dirty instrumental hip hop and trip-hop.  DJ Krush performed a show of minimal hip-hop beats and atmospheres at Sursumcorda nightclub in Minneapolis (circa 2001) and it re-contextualized my sonic world. Inner Ocean Records […]

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      • But Darling It’s Hideous EP – CY006

        Adas Butler, May 20th 2017

        Contort Yourself, purveyors of obscure, difficult industrial noise that damn well makes your body move, are on their sixth compilation, and this one is flat-out great. As usual, it’s a mix of old and new, with the standout discovery being Penelope’s Fiance, a Greek producer who shifts uncannily between the unsettling and the sublime. There’s two […]

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        • Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – From A Flawed Apex Which Led To The Head

          Wesley Mayhem, May 18th 2017

          This is a rare and fantastic blend of experimental music and techno structures with a striking holism.  Bandcamp showed me that Philip Sherburne purchased these bits and bytes, so I checked it out.  I shot.  I scored. Long live Jesse Osborne-Lanthier. Long live Where To Now? Records, UK. Long live Philip Sherburne. Long live Bandcamp. […]

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          • Earth by Means of the Currents

            Adas Butler, May 16th 2017

            Earth by Means of the Currents was a series of ten original artworks by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton, collaged almost entirely from Evan Hopkins’s ‘On the Connexion of Geology with Terrestrial Magnetism’, and accompanied by two new recordings of voice, strings, tone generators and field recordings. The book is a little hard to find now […]

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            • Corroded Trip-Hop – “GEA” WeMe030 by J.K.

              Dave Wesley, April 18th 2017

              In the 2000’s, trip-hop was my gateway sonic drug to lo-fi deep dark dub techno and related genres… which have ended up as genre quicksand… engulfing my aural foci ever since. J.K.’s “GEA”…  Wo…  I haven’t heard anything as corroded, dark, jarring and cool since some of the earlier DJ Krush releases (before he went […]

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              • Are Darren J. Cunningham (Actress) and Stephan Laubner (STL) having some sort of tryst?

                Dave Wesley, April 16th 2017

                I’ve been looking forward to the Actress – AZD full release for awhile and now it’s here. Does anyone else think that this new Actress release borrows heavily from Something Records and STL?  Are Darren J. Cunningham and Stephan Laubner having some sort of tryst?  Is Darren holding Stephan’s hand in the cover art for AZD?  Are […]

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                • Tomaga – Liberating Mania

                  Wesley Mayhem, April 9th 2017

                  They sure “Can” sound like…  “Can”…   Love this stuff.  This track from upcoming EP.

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                  • Divisionists – ‘Say Can You’

                    Jon Kelly, March 24th 2017

                    If you have a giddy imagination and a good set of potato ears, this fizzy London troupe will help remind you that noisy guitar histrionics and sunny indie pop melodies can often resurrect hazy, warm feelings not experienced since the late summer of 1992. The breezy, urgent harmonies of ‘Say Can You’, track one of […]

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                    • Interview with Manfred Eicher – Founder of ECM Records

                      Dave Wesley, March 19th 2017

                      This man and this label fascinate me.  Eicher is credited as one of the first to use digital reverb as an instrument in minimal production.  ECM releases are not stream-able, currently, which is a bummer.  One has to procure practicalities or high quality digital downloads. Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal  

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