• Forays of an American Expat: A Night In Viborg

    Franklin Streck, January 2nd 2018

    So a Swede, a Finn, and an American walk into a bar…this was the other night in a very small town in Denmark called Viborg, located in a farm-covered area called Jutland (the peninsula part of Denmark that’s connected to Germany). We’re here for work, and after having dinner decided to go to a dive […]

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    • Brush (Flush) With Fame – My Brief Encounter With Glenn Campbell

      Dave Wesley, August 9th 2017

      One Summer afternoon, somewhere in range of 1979 – 1980, in Hastings, Minnesota, my high school cover band was practicing in the basement of the keyboard player’s house, which was a spacious abode on the 16th hole of the Hastings Country Club.   Odds are,  we were in the midst of butchering a Cars song, […]

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      • The ultimate mystery is one’s own self.

        Droidbeard, July 10th 2017

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        • Animal Ascension

          Droidbeard, June 28th 2017


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          • Proof! Sleestaks Are Real

            Droidbeard, June 26th 2017

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            • Help – Does Anyone Know Where This Shop Is?

              Droidbeard, June 13th 2017

              Please contact the editor in chief if you know the address of the shop in the picture.  He will get the info to me.  Thanks Droidbeard – Eau Claire, WI

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              • Best Singer in the World

                Droidbeard, May 6th 2017


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                • JAHS

                  Droidbeard, May 2nd 2017

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                  • Finally!

                    Droidbeard, May 1st 2017

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                    • Inaugural Post – Ajax Liquor Store

                      Droidbeard, April 27th 2017

                      Nuff said.

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