• The Push – Live Set – Chilling at Pandora – Porto, Portugal 20170708

    Dave Wesley, July 15th 2017

    The Push lay down a live deep mix with Dave Wesley guiding the first half and Casey Borchert piloting the second. This mix is a nice blend of dubby lo-fi techno, experimental sounds, and downtempo unique tracks with a tribal flavor. Dig deeper at the Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) Bandcamp fountainhead.  

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    • Spinello Guest Mix on KMAH Radio April 2017

      Shane Woolman, June 29th 2017

      This is a mix I put together for the April installment of Healthy Living, Bambooman & Sloe Loris’s monthly show on KMAH Radio.   The brief was pretty much ‘anything goes’ and it was loads of fun to do.  Expect field & archive recordings, psychedelia, electro, poetry, dub, jazz and more… I’ve tried to mix it up […]

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      • Tulipomania on ResonanceFM’s Adventures In Music And Sound

        Dave Wesley, June 25th 2017

        A melange of tracks taken from The Wire Magazine’s prolific Wire Tapper series on the latest installment of ResonanceFM’s Adventures In Music And Sound radio programme.  Tulipomania at about 1 hour and 12 minutes.  Very cool radio program.  Very cool classic track from Tulipomania.   Viva la musical revolution.  Much needed.  Dig deeper. With restless demeanor […]

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        • Mix – Samo DJ – Cav Empt Mixtape

          Dave Wesley, June 3rd 2017

          This digitized mixtape is simultaneously lo-fi and minty fresh.  I’ve got to find the Ron Morelli side now…  and damnit…  I have stuff to do! From SoundCloud post: “Samo´s side from the Ron Morelli / Samo DJ split mixtape for their Tokyo tour dates in collaboration with Cav Empt. Artwork by Sk8ightTing.”

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          • Mix – Emptyset: Wire 400 Mix #6

            Dave Wesley, May 30th 2017

            Quick and dirty post.  If you are into cinematic drone (which I am) you should check out this mix.  Stream it or be square. Sincerely, Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal

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            • Mix – Secret Thirteen 222: Yuji Kondo

              Dave Wesley, May 24th 2017

              Another winner cinematic mix from Secret Thirteen by dark ambient, industrial, techno producer and label owner, Yuji Kondo.  Read about him here.  Forever yours, Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal

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              • Mix – STM 221: Eli Keszler

                Dave Wesley, May 15th 2017

                Quick posting this super cool mix.  If you needed a desert island source of interesting mixes, Secret Thirteen might just be your fix. “Composer and percussionist Eli Keszler records an eerie yet bright collage of contemporary jazz, world music, and dub reggae released between 60s and 90s.” Sincerely yours, Dave Wesley – Porto, Portugal

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                • Mix – Cera Khin w/ Machine Woman: January 17

                  Dave Wesley, April 27th 2017

                  Machine Woman’s Twitter feed led me to Cera Khin and her mixes/radio shows, which are all over the usual suspect cool streaming radio transmitters (NTS, Redlight, Berlin Community Radio, etc).  This particular mix (created by them both), for Bristol based Noods Radio, is one of my favorite eclectic mixes of late mixing experimental darkness, found sound, […]

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                  • Mix – Surgeon (ambient set) at Freerotation 2014

                    Dave Wesley, March 7th 2017

                    This is one of my favorite experimental ambient sets ever.   The Buchla Music Easel doesn’t hurt either.

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                      Dom Fox, February 24th 2017

                      After listening to the first weird mix by The Push, I had to dig up others…  Here’s a truly weird companion to the other posted mix here on Sursumcorda. Sincerely yours, Dom  

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