• 80s Bristol Glory – Claytown Troupe

    Dave Wesley, November 28th 2016

    Bandcamp is such a wonderful thing on so many levels.  My email inbox surprised me with a super cool vintage 80s release on repertoire label Bristol Archive Records, that embodies so much of what I love about that period.  Claytown Troupe previously unknown to this author.  Bordering on Goth but more like the Alarm, vocally…   […]

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    • Leonard Cohen: How the light gets in…an appreciation

      Lucie Snow, November 13th 2016

      Election day lingered on as darkness descended on America’s East Coast in the early hours of Wednesday, November 9th, met by the dawning realization that the least-worst candidate had not “won.” The unimaginable was becoming more real by the hour, as the sun rose, harshly outlining the truth of it. You Want it Darker, the […]

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      • R.I.P. Mr. Cohen

        Craig Grossman, November 12th 2016

        A younger, freer version of myself had the good fortune of making many visits to an old high school friend who happened to have the good fortune to live in one of the most beautiful parts of North America – Sonoma, CA in wine country. Our collective good fortunes found us learning the art of […]

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        • Dream Catalogue – A Deep Well of Vaporwave

          Dave Wesley, November 4th 2016

          There are some real treasures in this huge catalogue of vaporwave music.  New releases appear regularly.  Listening is like living inside the world of Bladerunner. 新しい日の誕生 by 2814

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          • Casino Versus Japan on His 80-Track Experimental Masterwork

            Dave Wesley, November 3rd 2016

            Check out this amazing interview/blog post about an amazing artist.  Instant Bandcamp buy for me. Casino Versus Japan on His 80-Track Experimental Masterwork Frozen Geometry by Casino Versus Japan

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            • Tesla Coil – Continuous Discovery Journals 2

              Wesley Mayhem, October 31st 2016

              A free (or name your own price) dark minimal drone download from Tesla Tapes.  Perfect soundtrack to Halloween semi-rebellious attitudes…  

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              • Tape-Echo Mix – Lily

                Dave Wesley,

                Really fresh short mix.  Trippy.  Just how we like them.  

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                • Henke’s Deep Web

                  Dave Wesley, September 21st 2016

                  Robert Henke is a true alt music hero.  Co-inventor of Ableton Live, music producer (Monolake, etc.), and multimedia installation and performance artist.  I attended a super cool small experimental performance in an old church (Viseu, Portugal) recently and it was amazing. Now he’s doing this:

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                  • Posh Isolation

                    Dave Wesley, September 19th 2016

                    Posh Isolation is a great experimental, drone, punk label from Croatia.  Releases range from pretty hardcore experimental punk to interesting experimental ambient/drone.

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                    • Vaporwave and Dream Catalogue

                      Dave Wesley, September 15th 2016

                      Are you hip to the vaporwave genre?  If you like BladeRunner and 80s ambient/experimental music…  maybe even Stranger Things soundtrack stuff, you may into Dream Catalogue’s deep collection of vaporwave releases. I’m hooked and it has become routine office/studio ambience in Sursumcorda Recordings’ Porto location.  

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